As we all know, treatment for Minere’s disease is unpredictable and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. We felt incredibly grateful when a low sodium diet was helping Derrick manage the symptoms; but we knew it wasn’t a cure.

After years of low sodium, the positive effects of that diet slowly waned. Though there weren’t necessarily episodes of extreme vertigo, Derrick was starting to regain the ringing in his years, feeling excessively tired, and getting sick after each meal.

As a worried onlooker to the seemingly worsening condition, I somehow convinced Derrick to talk with a new ENT. His current one was recommending surgery, but I wanted to get a second opinion (and hopefully some more options!) from another source. Derrick didn’t want to go because he felt hopeless, there wasn’t anything new that this doctor was going to say right? And he was getting to the point of considering the surgery, so what did it matter? Unfortunately however,Derrick is one of those rare people that has it in both ears though, so we are more reserved about the surgery than probably many others. If he had the surgery in one ear, and then the other developed to that point, he wouldn’t be able to get it in the other ear. And that is terrifying.

So, magically, he decided to go. Probably just to appease me and show me up that he already knew everything that the doctor was going to say. BUT it didn’t shake out that way (yes, I am saying I was right!!) This doctor not only provided more general concern and comfort for the condition, he also assured Derrick that they would figure this out! HOPE – glorious hope!

He found Derrick’s potassium was low (surprisingly also an important mineral in the world of Minere’s). He has a prescribed vitamin for that; and still the dietetic. But he also hooked him up with VertigoHeel which counteracted the negative affects of the disease and made him feel better. So much better, in fact, that he can have a regular diet again! It took me awhile to believe, but now we are eating regular amounts of sodium without ill effects!

Now we know this isn’t a cure either. We recognize that this could also go away, but intend to fully enjoy the blessing while it lasts. What a heroic husband I have – facing all this stuff with a smile and positive outlook. He makes it no big deal when he doesn’t feel good and for that I’m so indebted to him. I’m going to plan that trip to Italy ASAP so he can live out his dream of eating sodium-rich real Italian pizza while this lasts.

We all just roll with the punches – such is life. But I wanted to give you that big update because I will likely be taking a hiatus from posting low sodium tid-bits. Perhaps still here or there, but I’m going to start just posting about our life. The life of The Hicks – with or without sodium restrictions. 🙂