Toddler Apple Slice Pancakes

Another great idea from Pinterest, though I changed up the recipe because I didn’t want to bother with making the syrup or going to the store for pumpkin spice. I do love finding new things for Aidan to try though, because (poor kid) I am pretty stuck in my ways on some of his freezer meals. These were yummy though, and he had a great time! After a few bites, he set his breakfast down just to clap with delight. I would call that a success. I’m going to try to freeze a few of these too and I’ll let you know how it goes; I figure we could use a few more quick breakfast foods.

The only downfall to the whole breakfast routine is that 1) I let him have syrup to dip his pancakes in, which wouldn’t be a problem except that 2) we are having trouble with him occasionally rubbing food in his hair. Needless to say, he ended up with syrup on the side of his head. Ugh. And so the day begins.

I’m excited to incorporate all of my bountiful basket items into various dishes this week, and post on the progress. This is recipe #1. I’ll ultimately post a complete review of the bountiful baskets and the meals that I made from them each time I order. I’ve decided to give them a full try for 5-6 times before I completely decide if it is a good/bad deal for our family. Hurray for something new and fun!

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