The EASIEST Low Sodium Dinner!

Like I have said before, I’m not big on cooking. Sometimes I feel like it is just a tremendous waste of time in our modern era. I realize that it is a cornerstone of our society, and that many fond memories are created around the dinner table, but I also acknowledge that this is more out of necessity than choice. We all have to eat, and so we have made it an occasion! I get that; I love that. Sometimes though, as a mom in particular, the endless list of to-do’s can get super overwhelming, and cooking isn’t generally something you can just “skip”. And it’s more difficult to skip it if you have sodium restrictions, or any food allergy. Right?

One thing that I’ve noticed since having my son is how drained I am in the evenings. I work outside the home, and also try to maintain the home, like so many other women today. Child-rearing, cooking, cleaning, shopping, budgeting, blogging, and bringing home the proverbial bacon can be overwhelming day in and day out. And it’s hard to find time to do things that you enjoy because sleep wins. So, I’m left with cutting corners on the housework and looking for easy meals on workdays.

Yesterday was one of those days. After a long day at work I picked Aidan up from daycare. The moment that we got into the car, he threw a huge fit because he wanted dinner right now. Well, we didn’t have anything to eat in the car, nothing was prepared at home, and I was flying solo that night because Derrick had some plans with friends. I decided to swing by the store to get a staple go-to easy dinner that is healthy, nutritious and also LOW SODIUM! Thank goodness!

So, here is what you do when you find yourself in a similar situation.

1. Go to Albertson’s and look in the rotisserie chicken area for Low Sodium Lemon Pepper Chicken. $5.99

300mg for 3oz. Score!


2. Grab either the Strawberry Fields salad mix OR some lettuce and the Lighthouse Chunky Garlic Caesar Dressing. I opted for the Caesar tonight.

55mg per tbsp., and lettuce is free!

3. If you feel that you have some extra sodium to spare, get some Parmesan cheese and/or some bread. To fill out the meal you can also add a can of the No-Salt Added Sweet Corn, which is one of our family favorites.

Viola! Dinner is served!