Low Sodium Camping: Pre-Camping Commentary

Let’s talk about camping. I remember in the good ol’ days with my family where we made a few periodic excursions up to the hills for a nice little “get away”. I don’t so much remember the camping as I do the pictures of grubby little Heather sitting with my parents, eating off of paper […]

Low Sodium Dining at Subway!


Did you know that you can eat at Subway? Very handy knowledge when you are traveling, so log that away for future reference! 6” Veggie Delite Sub – Only 280mg Sodium! White OR Wheat Bread – no difference in sodium 280mg Veggies – skip the jalapinos, banana peppers and olives. All others are 0mg Oil/Vinegar […]

Chicken can have 500% MORE sodium than we expect!

I didn’t realize this for a LONG time, but right before meats get packaged, a lot of companies pump them full of a solution (with sodium) to help make them more tender. I checked out some labels and found out that this is not only with chicken, but also with (gasp!) pork! We thought that pork was the lowest in sodium of all meats, but as I was reading the labels, most were labeled with 12% of the total weight in the solution.

The take away? SQUINT at the label’s fine print to see what it includes, as shown in this snapshot from the article that I read on it:

You should check out the full article here from cookinglight.com: The Hidden Sodium in Chicken