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As you have been witness too, the images on this website are less than perfect. Thus, I just went through a mass effort to convert those hideous pictures into thumb-nail sized images on recipe cards. Not only do I think it makes the site cleaner, but it also hides the many flaws to the snapped […]

A Letter to Low-Sodium Newbies

My Dear Friend,

Firstly, I’m so sorry! I know that this is a very difficult time and that you feel as though nothing will ever be the same. I’ve been there – crying in the kitchen wondering what in the world I can make for dinner, in the grocery isles picking up item after item that is now inedible, and in the pantries and cupboards clearing out food that we can no longer eat. I’ve had that knot in my throat questioning how is the feeling of “full” going to exist again. I’ve been there with you, frustrated, hungry, tired and just wanting to order take-out.

But I want to offer you some hope. Though it has taken a bit of time, trust me when I say that you will overcome this. You will find new recipes, new meals and be all the healthier for it. I can assure you that you will get full and even have sodium to spare in the day. You will learn to budget your sodium where you can eat pizza, spaghetti, lasagna, bread, milk and your coveted mocha once more!

Yes, you have been presented with a challenge. I know that it feels like nobody understands and that they think it is non big deal; but you know what? It is a big deal and there ARE those who understand what you are going through. I know that it can be frustrating and that everything seems like a struggle, but you are strong. You will prevail.

Sometimes, God has a way of changing things in our lives for the better. And though you may not understand it now, I think you will find that there are silver linings to what you are going through. I know for us personally it has brought us closer through boning during a struggle, that it has kept us healthier and more active, and that it has forced me (who hates to cook) to learn something new. I don’t know what your silver lining is dear friend, but I’m sure there is one. You will find it. I just want to encourage you to keep your chin up, keep doing the right thing, and remind you that you are an overcomer which cannot be taken down! I’m so proud of you for facing adversity and rising above it. I’m so encouraged by your stories and to know there are others fighting and struggling along with us.

With Love,


Low Sodium/Paleo Crock Pot Tomato Chicken Soup

We have our friend Mike here from California. He is on leave with the Marines and we are so happy to be hanging out with him like old times. He was the best man at our wedding, and I’ve only known my husband approximately 5 days longer than Mike. We have been friends for years now, and I think of him more like a Brother than one of Derrick’s friends.

On the first full day he was at our place, the weather was dismal, and he mentioned that soup sounded really good. So, I decided to make some for dinner! I had it on the menu plan (yes, I started a menu plan) for Sunday, but I shifted a few things around and BOOM. Soup night.

My friend Ashley told me that she had found this on Pinterest and it was absolutely amazing. Well, my friends, it was pretty darn good. I’m sure extra sodium would come in handy to most (Mike added some salt) but to our low-sodium brothers and sisters this is one flavorful dish! Derrick ate approximately three bowls of it and Aidan exclaimed “MMMMM!” when he had his first few bites. So… whatever that is worth. I like it too, and had it again for lunch today. Not sure if it got better or if I just didn’t realize how good it was last night. This one is definitely going in the rotation.

This recipe has been adapted from RiverNorthPaleo’s Recipe to meet our low sodium requirements. Also, the picture that I took from my phone is crappy, so this is her’s too!

citrus lane

Some time ago I found out about these monthly boxes that you can get with all kinds of new and exciting things in them. They are of the same flare as Birch Box, but there are now all different kinds. They were originally brought to my attention, like so many new things, by Derrick who had signed up for a monthly clothing service with Five Four. I immediately began some Google research to see what else was out there that I could participate in.

Of course, I didn’t find anything. I’m not really into beauty products, and I have a very conservative (Old-Lady-ish) style that I didn’t want to chance with some flirty fashion box. BUT I did find some cool kiddo boxes which I decided to test out.

I signed Aidan up for two different ones that looked great. Most of them come with some great discount for your first month, so I took advantage of that and signed up for the Stork Stack box and the Citrus Lane box to get in one month. Then, I figured, I could easily compare the two options and keep the one that was the best.

The first to arrive was the Stork Stack. Sadly, I was super disappointed with it. The more expensive option of the two, only sent a few things and none of them dazzled me. I didn’t feel that I got my money’s worth at all, so I immediately cancelled, hoping that the Citrus Lane stuff would prove better.

And boy did it ever! I really enjoyed the box that I got from Citrus lane. They sent me a toddler granola bar (which I ate part of to ensure nutritional and taste bud satisfaction), an ABC board book which Aidan absolutely loved, and a few other things that were a big hit. I decided to keep the membership, and this month I was even happier (and I actually took some pictures).

In this box he got a paper-back book along with a digital 3-month subscription that I could load onto my ipad for access to a library of books, the cutest bath toy that I may have ever seen (you catch the bath bugs in the net), some organic potato chips and a wooden noise maker to add to his percussion instruments. It was very exciting indeed!

I always look forward to this box, and am thankful that Derrick got me hooked on the process. It is affordable too and I tuck away a few of the things each month for stocking stuffers, and Christmas gifts (bath toys this month) so that it lightens the load for Christmas. Highly recommended if you are looking for a monthly subscription to try some new things! First month is $10 off too if you follow this link. Boom.



Low Sodium/Paleo Apricot Glazed Salmon (100mg each)

Sometimes, my husband really surprises me. He is amazing, I already know this, and he is a good cook (duh!) but every once in awhile, he will make something that seems to come out of nowhere and could be served in a 5-star restaurant. Regardless of what he is making, he always has the same focus and attention to detail – so by watching him in the kitchen you never really know when something is going to be amazing or KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF good.

Apparently he found this recipe while I was out of town on business. Wow-za! I should leave more often if this is going to happen each time. He just whipped it up for me when I got home, no big deal; but it was so good that I knew I would have to share it with you pronto! Enjoy!

Thanks for this fantastic idea; only slight alterations were made!

Low Sodium Slow Cooker Italian Pot Roast

I decided to try something new. You see, we have this magazine that has turned out some amazing dishes… but we have honestly gotten stuck in on our few favorites. It’s time to try something new! And did I mention that it is a slow cooker magazine? Yea, that is a factor too. HELLO FALL!

I’ll tell you what. This is not the smell to be wafting through our house when you are hungry. Boy oh boy did it make my stomach growl! But it was worth the wait, and Derrick FREAKED out about how good it was. He was in awe (which makes me feel good) with my amazing slow-cooker skills. Yea, I totally threw all of that into a pot and it turned out. Imagine what I could do if I actually tried??

After a hardy meal, the babysitter arrived and we headed out on a date night – Anberlin concert! We had a fantastic time! I always love hanging out with my wonderful hubby.

Well, here is the slow cooker dish. I think you will like it – we enjoyed it and Derrick ate at least a pound for lunch the next day. Always a good sign

Low Sodium Pineapple Upside-Down Cake – 130mg for whole cake

It was Don’s birthday. OK, no it wasn’t, but it was close which is a good enough excuse for cake right? I think YES!

I had just tried out Bountiful Baskets, and in my Juice Pack, I had a nice fresh pineapple. Perfect. I sent a text to my MIL asking if he liked pineapple upside-down cake which was a resounding YES (and he likes it with a little vanilla ice-cream, thank you!) Turns out, that vanilla ice-cream (though you sacrifice sodium, I hear ya) was well worth the sodium expense. Super good!

After a nice meal, we topped it off with this lovely little cake. Oh yes… and I happily ate on it for a couple days after too. Every night… but that is beside the point.

Cooking Rice – An Exercise in Faith

Our rice cooker bowl has gone missing. And by missing I mean lost. And by that I really mean that Derrick took it to work as a quasi-Tupperware and left it there until someone threw it OUT. Not that I have a grudge or anything.

I have mentioned this particular rice cooker in prior posts because I truly felt that this was a tremendous necessity and that I couldn’t live without it. Ha! See what happens when you get attached to stuff?

I had no idea how to cook rice. I mean, you can Google it, and it looked easy enough, but I have anxiety about cooking and hated that I couldn’t check it every two seconds. There is a reason that rice cookers have clear lids…. Sigh.

BUT I faced my fears and gave it a try (though it was under strict supervision of Derrick who had to reassure me that everything was fine every two seconds). Once the time was up, and I removed the lid to reveal beautifully cooked rice, I decided that it wasn’t too bad at all, and that I might actually make it without the cooker.

So, here is the trick that Google doesn’t tell you. You have to have a little faith.