New Camera!

As you have been witness too, the images on this website are less than perfect. Thus, I just went through a mass effort to convert those hideous pictures into thumb-nail sized images on recipe cards. Not only do I think it makes the site cleaner, but it also hides the many flaws to the snapped images that I captured.

Recently, however, a dream of mine has come true! I got a new-to-me camera from a friend for a steal of a price and I’m happy to report that I will now be trying to figure that out. Slightly more complex than my phone’s camera, I’m on a steep learning curve and realizing that I’m not as fast of a learner as I originally thought. Derrick, however, has a knack for it. JERK. For some reason I thought that if I got a good camera that all of my pictures would turn out great – but that is a lie! I think just good photographers generally get nice camera; so it’s a chicken before the egg situation. Regardless, I’m a stubborn ol’ bird and am determined to learn it! I have checked out 3 big books on digital photography from the library, which I have yet to crack into, but I WILL! And then I will be on a learning journey.

Despite my lack of skill, anything that the new camera captures must be better than what I was taking. Here was my equipment before the new purchase: To answer your question, YES – it was difficult to see what I was taking a picture of. And I’m too cheap to replace the darn phone. They are seriously expensive for a phone! They are almost as much as a brand-name new digital camera, and that just seems wrong. Anyway, maybe I’ll even purchase a desktop photo-editing program (you never know about me!) and then I won’t continue to instagram you. Though I don’t foresee too much of that with the new camera anyway…

I promise that I will work on the photography, and thank you for coming along with me as I learn. I’m crossing my fingers for a photobox from Derrick for Christmas, so we’ll see if that happens! Meanwhile, the food you make should look at least as good, if not better, than what you see here. See? I’ve really been thinking about you all along! đŸ˜‰

Anyway, check out the new camera!! Woot!