My Real Passion

I once read that the fault of being a good writer is not having anything interesting to say. I tend to agree with that; there is nothing special about the ability to form sentences or the mechanics of putting thoughts into words; but it really does come down to either something extremely interesting OR the ability to portray passion in your writing.

Right there is may failure point. 

Not because I haven’t LIVED in the allergy realm for quite some time; no, no. It’s that I don’t think it is interesting. And therefore, I don’t have any passion around writing about it. Quite honestly I really dislike cooking. If I were wealthy I may even consider hiring a chef to cook my family meals, do the shopping and DEFINITELY the clean up (can I get an amen?). But somewhere along the way I convinced myself that it would be worthwhile to write about it because I KNOW about it; but turns out that doesn’t work. I cannot keep my interest in the topic long enough to hammer out any meaningful content in the matter (though years of failed attempts should have clued me into that), and when I do sit down it takes most of the energy I can muster just to put something “out there”. So that isn’t helpful to anyone. AND I’m not enjoying myself. AND I’m actually not doing it, so I’m not sure why I’m even bothering to write out this explanation.

BUT I actually am passionate about things. I really do care and have an interesting story/perspective of my own. It’s just not cooking. And certainly not restricted allergy cooking for a family (which honestly I barely seem to be able to fit into regular life much less the time to write about it). 

When I think of passion one thing comes quickly to the forefront of my mind. TRAVEL. And I know that’s “so millennial” but it’s TRUE! And I am a millennial so I guess I should just get over that. However, I have been lucky enough to be blessed with a strong sense of adventure; very little difficulty with traveling/doing things on my own; and a natural curiosity that leads me to not only explore new places but also everything around me. I truly aim to not be a tourist or traveller, but rather tackle wherever I am with the same sense of wonder – be it Boise Idaho or Paris France.

And I guess this is what I’ll call a massive pivot. Will anyone miss my allergy recipes? Not likely. And I certainly won’t, but I cannot WAIT to begin writing about things I’m actually very excited to begin this next chapter.

Let the high adventure begin.