Low Sodium Grilled Peach Delight!

I love the summer. I hate the yard work that it brings, but I honestly love the weather. Another thing that I love is the grill, ahem, grilled food I mean. I don’t BBQ – that is in my husband’s realm of expertise; which is another reason to love grilled food! Generally I prep and then he does his magic; we’ve made everything on there! Steak, potatoes, desserts (shared here) and even pizza! We also like to make chicken for chicken tacos, love kabobs and burgers. We basically stuff our faces in the summer with a yummy grilled menu.

Wow, I better get busy posting all of these. Because the summer is already more than half way over! YIKES!

Without further ado, here is a new idea for a light dessert. We tried this and the trick, really, is just figuring out how much time they need on the grill. They are a perfect summer treat when you have the BBQ fired up anyway.

I got the idea from this place, but there was no recipe.

Low Sodium Grilled Peach Delight –only 70mg per dessert!

  • 4 ripe peaches (0mg)
  • Caramel Sauce (1 tbsp of Ghiradelli carmel sauce is 35mg)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream (1/2 cup Bryer’s Vanilla Ice Cream is 35mg)

Slice the peaches in half, remove the pit and all that red stuff; place on the grill skin-up. Grill about 10-15 minutes until they are mushy and have the nice grill marks on the flesh. Serve warm with ice cream and caramel sauce drizzled on top.

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