citrus lane

Some time ago I found out about these monthly boxes that you can get with all kinds of new and exciting things in them. They are of the same flare as Birch Box, but there are now all different kinds. They were originally brought to my attention, like so many new things, by Derrick who had signed up for a monthly clothing service with Five Four. I immediately began some Google research to see what else was out there that I could participate in.

Of course, I didn’t find anything. I’m not really into beauty products, and I have a very conservative (Old-Lady-ish) style that I didn’t want to chance with some flirty fashion box. BUT I did find some cool kiddo boxes which I decided to test out.

I signed Aidan up for two different ones that looked great. Most of them come with some great discount for your first month, so I took advantage of that and signed up for the Stork Stack box and the Citrus Lane box to get in one month. Then, I figured, I could easily compare the two options and keep the one that was the best.

The first to arrive was the Stork Stack. Sadly, I was super disappointed with it. The more expensive option of the two, only sent a few things and none of them dazzled me. I didn’t feel that I got my money’s worth at all, so I immediately cancelled, hoping that the Citrus Lane stuff would prove better.

And boy did it ever! I really enjoyed the box that I got from Citrus lane. They sent me a toddler granola bar (which I ate part of to ensure nutritional and taste bud satisfaction), an ABC board book which Aidan absolutely loved, and a few other things that were a big hit. I decided to keep the membership, and this month I was even happier (and I actually took some pictures).

In this box he got a paper-back book along with a digital 3-month subscription that I could load onto my ipad for access to a library of books, the cutest bath toy that I may have ever seen (you catch the bath bugs in the net), some organic potato chips and a wooden noise maker to add to his percussion instruments. It was very exciting indeed!

I always look forward to this box, and am thankful that Derrick got me hooked on the process. It is affordable too and I tuck away a few of the things each month for stocking stuffers, and Christmas gifts (bath toys this month) so that it lightens the load for Christmas. Highly recommended if you are looking for a monthly subscription to try some new things! First month is $10 off too if you follow this link. Boom.



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