Low Sodium Applesauce Pancakes

I was raised on the good-ol’-fashioned plain pancakes, which were pretty good covered in syrup. I didn’t think about adding anything else to them until (BLS) Derrick asked if I would make pancakes with Ricotta Cheese. Weird! I tried it anyway, and it was sort of odd tasting, so I continued on with the plain […]

Low Sodium Chicken Parmesan!


The other day, Derrick and I watched a cooking video from SodiumGirl. Man, she has it together. We were joking that a “Cooking with Hicks” video of us would include Aidan running around, crackers on the floor and the two of us bumping into each other in the kitchen. Too funny! What do you think, […]

Low Sodium Camping Recipe 2: Bacon Breakfast Burritos


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You remember my rant about Boar’s Head Bacon? Well, here is where it will come in handy my friends! For our Yellowstone camping trip, I decided to make some breakfast burritos that we could cook/reheat over the fire that would be low sodium and oh so delicious! And they were! Something that I realized during […]