Low Sodium Chicken Parmesan!


The other day, Derrick and I watched a cooking video from SodiumGirl. Man, she has it together. We were joking that a “Cooking with Hicks” video of us would include Aidan running around, crackers on the floor and the two of us bumping into each other in the kitchen. Too funny! What do you think, […]

Low Sodium French Dip Sandwich

French Dip

I feel very proud of myself for figuring this one out. BUT not proud enough to remember that I had, HA! I was creating a photobook for 2012 (I know it’s late, don’t judge me) and I stumbled onto the picture on Derrick’s phone. Then I remembered how shockingly good this was for low sodium, […]

Salt Free Dukkah Anyone?

Thanks SmittenKitchen for yet another fabulous find!

One of my absolute favorite things is something that not everyone knows about – Dukkah. It’s a Middle Eastern spice mix that caught my attention on SmittenKitchen.com where she made chicken skewers with this lovely spice mix, served with a honey balsamic sauce. Talk about GOOD. It is a little “different” and definitely out of […]