No Sodium Mango Salsa

Mango Salsa

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I thought I didn’t like mango salsa; but then I tried this recipe! I think the pre-made processed salsa has a little mushy, tasteless quality about it that I’m not to fond of. And I struggled, though it might just be me, to find the right balance between fruity/sweet and the spicy/salsa-ish flavor. Maybe I’m […]

Veggie Tots for Tots

Veggie Tots

When my little man was almost 15 months, I learned a LOT about making toddler food. I have this awesome friend who has always made her son’s baby food, generally from organic ingredients found at Whole Foods, unlike me who was addicted to the Earth’s Balance squeeze packets. She is awesome; and I somehow convinced […]

The EASIEST Low Sodium Dinner!

Albertson's Chicken

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Like I have said before, I’m not big on cooking. Sometimes I feel like it is just a tremendous waste of time in our modern era. I realize that it is a cornerstone of our society, and that many fond memories are created around the dinner table, but I also acknowledge that this is more […]

Toddler Wonton Pizza Bites

Wonton Pizza Bites

Derrick is sick today, poor guy. He stayed home after a long night hugging the toilet and morning of nausea. It scared Aidan; at least enough to stay out of the bedroom where Derrick was resting, so that is good. Despite having a sick husband in the other room, I still cooked up a million […]