Low Sodium Dining at Five Guys!

Awhile ago we discovered that we could actually have FAST FOOD! I know that you are not believing me right now, and I certainly didn’t believe my husband as he was chomping down on a fast food burger! But after reviewing some nutrition facts, the verdict is in….

FIVE GUYS (burgers and fries) are low sodium! It is only slightly over 400mg sodium for the regular burger which has 2 patties! That also includes the bun!

So, if you have a hankerin’ for a burger and fries BLS style, grab your low sodium ketchup and head on over to your neighborhood Five Guys to get a burger, no salt fries, and soda! Just skip those salted peanuts while your waiting…

For Five Guys Nutritional Menu, click here.

Low Sodium Camping Recipe 2: Bacon Breakfast Burritos


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Low Sodium Camping Recipe 1: Dutch-Oven Pot Roast with Summer Vegetables

Derrick had an unfortunate “event” in his life that tainted him beyond what some might suspect. He was likely no older than eight when he and his family went camping. After a long day of many fun activities, they came back to a dinner they had been cooking in the Dutch oven buried under some […]