Low Sodium Camping: Pre-Camping Commentary

Let’s talk about camping. I remember in the good ol’ days with my family where we made a few periodic excursions up to the hills for a nice little “get away”. I don’t so much remember the camping as I do the pictures of grubby little Heather sitting with my parents, eating off of paper […]

Mommy and Me Swimming Lessons


One of the highlights of our summer has been our pool time with Aidan. We are fortunate enough to have a pool in our neighborhood, and we enrolled him into two sessions of “Mommy and Me” classes. During that process, I realized that the classes are more about equipping the parents to teach the little […]

Ambitions for 2013

Well, as you have likely noticed, the world did not end in 2012. I sometimes wonder if the Myans simply got tired of working on their calendar. I mean, the calendar has to end at sometime right? In leu of the new year and also my birthday, launching me another year forward, I have come […]

Mr. Incredible

My guys

I have an incredible husband. I’m sure many people say this, but mine is seriously the best. I feel amazed how God brought us together because he complements and completes me far better than I ever thought imaginable. He is my one true best friend, and knows me better than I know myself. My very […]