A Few Things to Avoid on a Roadtrip

One of the biggest challenges (and I’m sure that all fellow low-sodium-ers would agree) is travel. And the bummer is that we love to travel. But that doesn’t mean we don’t go, nor does it mean that we starve. It’s just a challenge that we are excited to overcome!

The first trip was disaster. We cooked a bunch of chicken and brought rice (that was pretty much our menu for the first couple of weeks), but the cooler didn’t keep the chicken cool enough so the chicken started to stink up the place. Also, rice is not very good by itself. All the “snack” food that we brought became entrees and, needless to say, we ran out of food fast.

The second time we resolved to buy most of our food there and use the hotel’s microwave/refrigerator to keep our food. The problem with this is that we also bought frozen food (we found a couple of microwave burritos that are low sodium) but they defrosted themselves and were useless within the first day.

Needless to say, we have become “experts” at this travel situation through many trials and errors. We have gotten much better over the years at eating out and also bringing a few of the “staples” with us. If you want to avoid eating out on a trip, or if you are going on a long road-trip, here are a few things to consider avoiding based on our experience. I will post more travel tips as our blogging adventures continue, but these are some of our biggest mistakes that I wanted to share!

Yes, he did spill that Jamba Juice EVERYWHERE.

A couple of things to avoid Taking on a Road Trip:

1) Cooler with ice – what a mess! I recommend ice packs unless you want to have all your goodies floating around in some funky colored water. Plus, where do you dump it? In the hotel’s parking lot? Leave it in the car while the valet service parks it for you? In a couple of days you will be regretting leaving it in the car because that weird water will soon become a weird smell. No thanks! The trick? Used dry ice – what a wonderful invention! Or ice packs… but we prefer dry ice!

2) Cooked Meat that is not properly packaged and/or that you plan to eat within 2 days – the beauty (and I’m just realizing this) of processed meat is that it is packed wonderfully and is able to withstand long trips without turning out bad and/or smelling. These facts are not true for meat that you pull right off the BBQ or out of the skillet and into the car. I know this is obvious now that I’m writing it out, but we’ve made that mistake once – and frankly, that was one time too many.

3) Purchasing everything while you are there – it’s difficult to find where the stores are that you need. Plus, prices are much different depending on where you are going. I would recommend taking some of the things that your “staples” and then supplement with others when you get there. Of course, this depends on if you are flying/driving and what you classify as your “staples”, but I think you get the point. (:

4) Frozen foods – Unless you are going to have a full scale kitchen at the hotel, frozen foods shouldn’t come along. They will defrost and turn out, at best, not so good.

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